At times students need someone to give them hope and encourage to see the beauty within, normally they are the most difficult students for teachers to handle.  Principal Wayman has a way of making all children feel loved and appreciated.


  • Mentoring/Coaching for new and aspiring principals.
  • Consulting with principals and leadership teams to design professional development.
  • Support high school in developing systems to improve school climate.
  • Support principals in developing systems around each of the leadership principles in my book, Lead Fearless, Love Hard.
  • Leadership development for school administrators.
  • Meet the Mentor sessions with teachers and principals.
  • Motivational conversations with students, teachers, principals, and school boards.
  • Keynote speeches- All types of organizations.
  • Confidential walkthrough of schools to provide feedback to the school leaders.
  • Pep-talk to students who need inspiration.
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